Long story short, Caleb Arias has over a decade of photography experience. He lived in Dubai for close to 4 years teaching photography workshops and mastering his craft. He moved back to his home town, Atlanta, Georgia where he shoots for various brands and persons who need professional imagery!

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Life Timeline

Early Life

Born in Dallas, Texas December 28th 1998

Son of professional photographer, Zack Arias

Moved to Atlanta in 2001


Attended school in Decatur until grade 9, where he continued his education online to be able to travel and assist alongside his father across the world on various photography jobs.


At age 18, Caleb moved to Dubai to teach photography full-time for Gulf Photo Plus. There he learned how to grow and thrive as a professional photographer, as well as become an energetic and reliable photography instructor.


In September of 2020, Caleb moved back to Atlanta to be closer to his Family, as well as rebuild his career in the states. He started working for Snappr and then shortly after got a contracting job shooting non-apparel photography for Stitchfix. He shoots free-lance full time.

Life Changing Firsts

First IG Post

February 16th, 2011

First DSLR

December 28th, 2011

First Studio Shoot

April 21st, 2015

First Time Teaching

March 5th, 2017

The Cherries On Top

Apple Talk - Dubai Mall

On March 20th 2018 Caleb performed a 1 hour Today At Apple talk on how to express emotion through portraiture.

He then gave another 1 hour zoom workshop to 115 internal apple employees.

Tutorial Tuesday

Caleb created and hosted an online tutorial series for Gulf Photo Plus generating over 1,000 views per week.

10 Years of Experience

The first camera Caleb used was the iPhone 3Gs and since then, he has dedicated almost half of his life to photography.

Way Up North - Sweden

Featured as one of the speakers for the Way Up North wedding Conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

Listen to the podcast before the event here.

*Okay maybe not anywhere 

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